AA289/CS529: Robotics and Autonomous Systems Seminar

Even though registration is not required in order to attend the talks, it is possible to earn Stanford credits for your attendance and participation to the seminar. We highly encourage students to register to the class through Axess. A description of the class is available on ExploreCourses. The class can be repeated for credit.

Class Resources

Video Recording

Our compliance team wants to ensure students are notified that seminars are being recorded and posted to Youtube. Preferably verbally on the first day, and in writing in the course syllabus or on the course site. They have recommended this language:

Video cameras located in the back of the room will capture the presentations in this course. For your convenience, you can access these recordings by logging into the course Canvas site. We will also post edited versions of these talks on YouTube to record the development of robotics and support the wide distribution of cutting edge robotics research.

Note that while the cameras are positioned with the intention of recording only the instructor, occasionally a part of your image might be incidentally captured. Before the video is made public, editors will review the recordings and blur student images. Occasionally, your voice might also be incidentally captured. If you have questions, please contact a member of the teaching team.